Acquaint yourself with Ojooo.me

Ojooo.me is not another identical social medium. It is an original and useful solution for those, who would like to use their profiles at the most popular portals in an easy and functional way. Users are given an array of possibilities due to which they may contact all friends scattered all over the Internet in an easy and pleasant way for both you and them. Great fun, instant contact with close family and friends and satisfaction with the use is guaranteed due to:
  • A system that enables simultaneous use of other social media (Facebook, Twitter).
  • Many possibilities for organising and managing your contacts.
  • Connecting the portal with modern and safe mail account. One profile in Ojooo system gives infinite opportunities of handling mail and social medium.
  • Attractive and interactive system enabling presentation and exchange of any types of photos and videos, including those from other websites.
  • Many functions enabling successful administration of user’s profile and its adaptation to your own preferences.
  • Your personal information is appropriately protected. It is not disclosed to any subjects for advertising purposes.


Portal handling and profile management in Ojooo.me is extremely functional and easy. Everything has been adapted to the user’s convenience. There are additionally many options enabling adaptation of the medium operation to your needs and requirements.


Ojooo.me is a social portal enabling you to establish contacts with your current friends and get to know new people. You additionally have the possibility of using your profiles on the most popular social media (Facebook, Twitter). For your convenience the portal is also integrated with the safe Ojooo mail system. Especially for you we have integrated all the most important features of various media into one unique whole.


Your data is completely safe. We do not disclose entered information to any subjects for advertising purposes. You may enjoy yourself with confidence.