• 1. What is Ojooo advertising?

  • Ojooo is a platform for advertisers, allowing for the creation of effective Internet advertising campaigns, based on the PPV (Pay Per View) system.

  • 2. What is PPV?

  • PPV (Pay Per View) is a system in which you pay to view specific multimedia content*. Advertisers pays for each user to whom the content of their message will be delivered.

    *Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pay-per-view

  • 3. What is the cost of developing an advertising campaign in Ojooo?

  • Advertisers individually determine the budget they want to spend on the creation of an advertising campaign. The amount of the budget has an influence on the time and number of impressions of the advertisement.

  • 4. Is registration required in order to create an advertising campaign?

  • Registration in the Ojooo system is not required. An advertiser may obtain access to the control panel of the campaigns by providing only an e-mail address. However, registration in the system facilitates access to information on current and completed advertising campaigns. Thanks to this, it is possible to have a more rapid insight into the statistics, editing options, resume or suspend advertising campaigns.

  • 5. What is the range of Ojooo advertising campaign?

  • The range of Ojooo advertising campaign depends on the budget set by the advertiser, as well as its preferences regarding the location of users (geotargeting), their age and keyword targeting. This allows for the development of effective advertising with a guarantee of reaching the target group defined by the advertiser.

  • 6. What is geotargeting?

  • It is a way of reaching the target group by defining the area inhabited by it. It allows for a more precise adjustment of the message to the structure of a specific community*.

    *Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geotargeting

  • 7. What is keyword targeting?

  • Keyword targeting is a method that allows to select a specific target group based on the words indicated by the user. The Ojooo platform allows users to define their preferences and interests, thanks to which the advertiser can be sure that its message is delivered to interested people.

  • 8. What affects the price of the Ojooo advertising campaign?

  • There are several factors that determine the cost of an advertising campaign. Advertisers individually defines the budget and specification of the campaign. They adjusts it in terms of the time of displaying the advertisement and the cost that they are ready to bear for one display of the advertisement.

  • 9. How to create advertising content?

  • Advertisers can prepare their own form of advertising, but also use the Ojooo tool, which allows to make a printscreen of the advertiser's website.

  • 10. How to verify the effectiveness of advertising?

  • After creating and paying for the campaign, advertisers receives an e-mail with a unique link and PIN number, thanks to which the they has access to the control panel. It is possible to monitor the results of the campaign, suspend or resume it. Advertisers also receives information about the number of clicks on the advertisement and the location of users who have done so. All actions related to the advertising campaign can also be carried out after registration and logging in to the advertiser's panel, which stores in one place all information about the conducted and completed advertising activities.

  • 11. What are the methods of payment for creating an advertising campaign?

  • Ojooo offers several types of payment for creating an advertising campaign

  • 12. What are the additional advertising possibilities of the Ojooo platform?

  • An additional advertising option is to present a product or service in the form of a reward in the Puzzle option.

  • 12a. What are Ojooo Puzzles?

  • Puzzle Ojooo is an additional opportunity for advertisers to present their product or service, as well as a chance for users to win attractive rewards.

  • 12b. How Ojooo Puzzle works?

  • The advertiser offers a product or service, which will be available to the user selected by the system. Graphics that presents the offered prize is divided into puzzle elements. Individual fragments are displayed on random advertisements, and the user's task is to collect all the elements. The complete graphic is the user's entry and the winner of the reward is selected by the system.

  • 12c. What are the effects of Puzzle Ojooo?

  • Thanks to the need to find particular elements, the user becomes more attentive, which increases the effectiveness and influence of the advertisement. Moreover, the user's involvement in entertainment-based activities contributes to the consolidation of positive associations with the brand.

  • 12d. What tools does the advertiser have for the Puzzle option?

  • The advertiser chooses the product or service for this purpose. Additionally, the advertiser can specify the duration of the promotion and the location of the target group that will be able to take part in collecting the puzzles.

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