How It Works


It is easy and fun to send attachment to family and friends with Ojooo!

  • 1. Select the ‘chats’ icon and start a chat
  • 2. Select the ‘attachment’ icon on the bottom of the screen
  • 3. You will now have an option of choosing what type of attachment you want to send


You can save a lot of money on your calls abroad by using one of our international calling plans. Ojooo’s international calling plans are valid for a month and are bough as a one-off – you do not need to renew your plan once it expires.

  • 1. Go to ‘account’
  • 2. Select ‘plans’ and choose a calling plan to the destination of your choice


It is easy to have a conference or group call using Ojooo!

  • 1. While on a call, you can select the ‘audio conference’ icon
  • 2. Choose the contact you wish to add by selecting the phone icon with the ‘plus’ on it. Please make sure the contact you wish to add has Ojooo installed
  • 3. Once you have chosen the contact you wish to add to the call, you can add him using the icon on the screen


Deactivating your account will remove all Ojooo date on your device and close your account. Money that is left in your account will be lost


Logging out will remove all account data from your device, but your account will still be active

  • 1. Go to ‘settings’
  • 2. Choose either ‘deactivate’ or ‘log out’


In the event that you forget your Ojooo password, it is easy to retrieve it

  • 1. Go to the sign-in page of Ojooo
  • 2. Select ‘I’m already a Ojooo user’
  • 3. Select ‘next’ and then select ‘can’t access your account’
  • 4. Once you enter your phone number or Ojooo ID you will be able to reset your Ojooo password


By inviting your friends to Ojooo you will be able to call them for free as well as send free messages to them and make free video calls with them

  • 1. Select ‘invite friends’
  • 2. You will now have a choice of different ways of inviting your friends to Ojooo


In order to start making free or lower cost calls with Ojooo you will need to confirm a code.

  • 1. Go to the Ojooo sign-in page and select ‘new to Ojooo’
  • 2. Enter your phone number and select ‘next’
  • 3. If the phone number on the screen is correct, press ‘next’
  • 4. You should receive a code, if you do not receive a code, select ‘I never received the code’


It is easy to share your location with your contacts using Ojooo

  • 1. Select the ‘chats’ icon and start a chat
  • 2. Select the ‘attachment’ icon on the bottom of the screen
  • 3. Select the ‘location’ icon
  • 4. Your location will now come up on your recipient’s screen


In order to make calls to non-Ojooo users, you will need to top up your account

  • 1. Go to ‘account’
  • 2. Select ‘top up’
  • 3. You can now select what type of payment you wish to use

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