Even greater reach of the campaign, thanks to the mobile application - Ojooo App

With the earned BPV (Bonus Per View) points free global phone connections can be made. The Ojooo App application provides for wide scope of opportunities within the area of modern communications, such as: calling other users, chatting, sending text messages and multi-media materials, holding videoconferences or even purchasing a phone number all over the World. The function of possibility of watching advertisements allows for a perfect match with the moment in which the user is ready and willing to watch them.

Advertise yourself at Ojooo!

Advertise yourself on our innovative platform, based on fair rules, where everyone gets benefits - both advertisers and recipients of advertising! Your advertisement will be presented to our recipients, users of Ojooo Watching AD (https://wad.ojooo.com). Thanks to their participation in our system - requiring registration and logging in - we are able to ensure their loyalty, commitment and reliability as well as the authenticity of targeting data. It also ensures accurate and irrefutable statistics of their interaction with your advertising.

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