Get to the greater number of users

On today's competitive advertisement market it's important to keep up with the trends and build the greatest possible number of prospects. Defining the target consumer group for your advertisement is just too little. What you need is a proper tactics that helps you gather the customers around your message and encourage them to use the suggested offer.

Ojooo means 100% client attention and positive reception of your brand.

The Ojooo platform is a unique place the advertisers and the advertising addressees from all over the World meet, all interested in various goods or services. Ojooo enables reception of advertisements via www or a special Ojoo App application available on iOS or Android Ojooo is an endeavor undertaken with mutual profit for both the parties to the advertising process. What the users get for watching the advertisements is the remuneration in the form of the BPV (Bonus Per View) points, whereas the advertisers are certain that they reached just the sort of customer they had wanted to, and, most importantly, that the addressee got familiarized with the message conveyed. All those factors enhance the level of advertisement reception exceeding the effect achieved in traditional mass media.

Advertise yourself at Ojooo!

Advertise yourself on our innovative platform, based on fair rules, where everyone gets benefits - both advertisers and recipients of advertising! Your advertisement will be presented to our recipients, users of Ojooo Watching AD ( Thanks to their participation in our system - requiring registration and logging in - we are able to ensure their loyalty, commitment and reliability as well as the authenticity of targeting data. It also ensures accurate and irrefutable statistics of their interaction with your advertising.

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