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Ojooo means 100% client attention and positive reception of your brand.

The Ojooo platform is a unique place the advertisers and the advertising addressees from all over the World meet, all interested in various goods or services.

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An advertiser places an advertisement
Advertising is displayed on multiple devices
Advertising is attractive and attracts new customers

Unlimited range of the commercial campaign and opportunity of sales

The profit that the advertiser gets is an unprecedented range and customer engagement. The addressees can use the earned BPV (Bonus Per Vies) points for exchanging them for the gift tokens and many more. Additionally, the addresses viewers may share the advertisements with one another getting special bonuses in return.

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The user watches the advertisement in his free time
The user receives a bonus for watching the advertisement
The received bonus can be used at our partners (e.g. in a cafe)

Let yourself be found thanks to Ojooo Search

Your advertising campaign is even more visible when you place it in Ojooo Search.

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Full control over the campaign

All the advertisers get the full access to the advanced panel which enable campaigns creation, their management and results monitoring. All this provided in a clear-cut and digestive form.

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Economical advertising system, in which you pay only for valid clicks on your advertisement.
Advertise yourself using videos, texts, and banners aimed at the right target group.
Access to an advanced panel that allows complete management of your advertising campaigns

Direct benefits for advertisers

Ojooo increases customer engagement through an innovative reward system. Each complete picture is a chance to get attractive products, and for you, it is an additional form of promotion.

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An advertiser places an advertisement in the Ojooo panel. Additionally, he can place an advertisement in the form of a picture of his product or service, which will be displayed in the form of a puzzle.
Users can collect elements of the puzzle while watching an advertisement.
Users can win a prize offered by the advertiser

Create your campaign in a few easy steps

Our effective and economical advertising system will allow you to present yourself to a larger audience and attract potential customers to your website. Create with us an advertising campaign of unprecedented reach and effectiveness!

Pay attention to a catchy description of the advertised product or service.
Optimal selection of keywords will increase the effectiveness of advertisements.
If you do not have the appropriate graphics, our system will do the work for you.
You are presenting your offer - we are ensuring viewership.

How much does it cost?

The basic price per click is .01. This price may change depending on the additional advertising campaign settings you choose. Sample prices are as follows:

Number of entries Price from

It is possible to buy clicks for any amount over . The above price categories are provided as an example and do not represent an offer.

Advertise yourself at Ojooo!

Advertise yourself on our innovative platform, based on fair rules, where everyone gets benefits - both advertisers and recipients of advertising! Your advertisement will be presented to our recipients, users of Ojooo Watching AD ( Thanks to their participation in our system - requiring registration and logging in - we are able to ensure their loyalty, commitment and reliability as well as the authenticity of targeting data. It also ensures accurate and irrefutable statistics of their interaction with your advertising.

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